FitBit 3D Sleep

March 19, 2015 by Will Simm

At the clasp kick-off, where we explored “moodcons” and constructing our own physical representations of sleep data we showed some exploratory work in automatically generating and 3D printing these. The code for generating these is a little “hacky” but shared here in case somebody would like to reuse it.

A few of us wear FitBit fitness trackers, these also monitor quality of sleep. Here we used the FitBit API to grab the user’s sleep data for last night and then use some ShapeJS code to generate the models. A company called Shapeways, a US based 3D printing bureau developed ShapeJS for generating custom 3D models for 3D printing. They released the ShapeJS “engine”, AbFab3D to the community. Until the next revision of AbFab3D, the only way to produce a model in shapeJS is to use the Shapeways creator website.

So the application has a cut and paste step, but in future it should be possible for us to run an AbFab3D server and have the process seamless -> login with FitBit and download / send the model for print automatically. When this is sorted I’ll host it and open it up for public use, but for now my experimental code and instructions are shared over on our github account.