From Snap to Clip

8th March 2016

Snap is a customizable digital stretch wristband that records anxiety interactions for later reflection. It emerged from a three-month co-development process in partnership with adults diagnosed with autism and their support

Clasp 2015-16: A Year In Review

8th March 2016

Team Clasp looks back at its first year of research, public engagement and outreach in digital-health wearables design and development

Incredible Wearables with Autism Initiatives

1st July 2015

From Cambridge to Fleetwood: The Techology Kitchen pops up at Autism Initiatives Farmers Parr Pottery Studio and serves up forteen new incredible wearable inventions

Apr├Ęs Cambridge Science Festival

27th March 2015

Reflections from the technology kitchen

FitBit 3D Sleep

19th March 2015

Some exploratory work in automatically generating and 3D printing representations of sleep data though the FitBit API and ShapeJS.

Clasp Kick-off: Moodcons, Data and Nightshapes

27th February 2015

Clasp officially started in February 2015 when the team met for the “Dates & Data” workshop that saw their personal sleep data turning into unique artefacts using specially designed and 3D printed ‘Moodcons’ and 3D visualisations of automatically collected sleep data.

Seven Anxiety Sensing Prototypes: Materials & Sensors Workshop

27th February 2015

Seven amazing anxiety sensing prototypes. Which one will be developed? How? And, above all, why?