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DE2013 – Speedplay: Managing the Other Edge of Innovation

In this paper we introduce Speedplay, an interdisciplinary management approach for digital and social innovation research.. By introducing two case studies, we illustrate how the approach has emerged and how it has been applied in research partnerships with the homeless and their service providers and adults with high functioning autism.

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DE2013- Clasp: Digital Tactile ASD Anxiety Management

In this paper, we describe the technical features of Clasp, a system designed and prototyped by adults on the Autism spectrum and their support network, along with an interdisciplinary team of academics. The system consists of three components: 1) A tactile digital stress device which communicates usage data over Bluetooth to a Smartphone 2) Support network communication via SMS and online social network status updates with stress device usage 3) Usage data aggregator and visualization for self and community feedback. The system has been prototyped, and a number of anxiety coping devices (stress-balls, pull cords, bracelets) are being digitized to communicate usage data to a connected Smartphone, which then relays usage data at defined trigger points to a user’s selected online social support network.

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ESEE2015 – Towards a Sustainable Framework in Digital-Social Innovation

This paper emerges from several years of community-based innovation research during which we experienced the tension between the institutional drive for novelty, commercialisation, generalizability, and the specific needs of our community partners. Our aim is to address this tension by first reflecting on if and why digital innovation should play a role in tackling complex societal issues and then suggesting pointers on how this could be done by outlining our approach in the digital-health domain of anxiety management.

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ESEE2015 Slides: Towards a Sustainable Digital-Social Innovation Framework

Slides presented at ESEE2015 ( – 03 July 2015